Niven_2Dr Niven Kumar

PhD, MSocSci, BA (Hons)

Niven has been teaching literature for over twenty years at both tertiary and secondary levels. He wrote his doctoral thesis in English literature at Macquarie University, where he teaches English, Drama and Creative Writing. Niven has been teaching creative writing for many years, and has published a number of short fiction pieces in literary journals. He has presented his research at international and local conferences, and has published academic articles on world literature and theory.



Lucyna SwiatekDr Lucyna Swiatek

PhD, MA, BA, Dip Teach

Lucyna teaches undergraduate and postgraduate English and Literary Theory at Macquarie University. She has taught secondary students for many years, and has coordinated and presented at lecture days and forums for high school students and teachers of English. Lucyna has completed her doctoral thesis in English Literature, and she has published critical articles on narrative and literary theory.



Nick CarozzaNick Carozza

BA, Dip Ed

Nick has been teaching secondary students for many years, and has developed an extensive knowledge of the NSW Board of Studies English syllabus and literary studies. He has a particular interest in the educational pedagogy of literature and linguistics, and the role of teachers in supporting ESL students. Nick was awarded the Majorie Robertson prize by Macquarie University as a testament to his talent for creative writing.





Dr Mitch Harper

PhD, BA (Hons), BSci / BA

Mitch has been teaching the NSW HSC English syllabus for a number of years, guiding students through the challenges of completing their final years of school. He has taught Academic English in Sydney and Paris, assisting both secondary and tertiary students in reaching their academic goals.

Mitch’s current professional research is in Philosophy, considering the problem of metaphysics in Kant, Nietzsche and Deleuze. He has completed a joint PhD (Cotutelle) between UNSW and Université Paris Ouest.


Francesca ChristieFrancesca Christie

MA, BA, Dip Ed

Francesca is a resource writer for écriture. She has lectured in the Faculties of Education and Law at the University of NSW, and the Australian Graduate School of Management. She has taught junior and senior English in secondary schools for many years, and has worked extensively with ESL students.





Fiana StewartFiana Stewart

MA, BA, Dip Ed, Dip of Book Editing and Publishing

Fiana is a resource writer for écriture, and has been teaching high school English for ten years. She holds a Masters in English from UNSW, specialising in Creative Writing, and she completed studies in Shakespeare at Cambridge University. Though her area of interest lie in creative compositions, she has a continued interest in syllabus development. Fiana was on the NSW Board of Studies Register of Curriculum Writers for 2011.